Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Yet, another IDE

I have been looking and comparing Xemacs and Eclipse. Now, I am bringing up another one.
The title seems very weak, but I was very impressed by spe.

While I was playing with spe, I wondered 'what spe stands for?' So, I clicked on about menu. There it says Stani's Python Editor. Okay. I clicked on the Homepage hyper link, and I got Error and googled it and found http://pythonide.blogspot.com/
Interesting tool like this have wrong link brought some sympathy for short, but later I guessed if it is supported by blender, then not so bad.
I found this when I was searching for PyCrust. spe uses PyCrust integrated. The biggest advantage of spe is evaluator. The reason why I love python is, I feel very comfortable with Python. Everything looks easy with it. But, still I needed to look up pydoc many times just for function signature. My short term memory is pretty at idiotic level. :(
What spe makes me excited is, at least, I can reduce time for looking up function header. Its editor uses space over tab character for indentation. 'Copy and paste'able to Xemacs. Nice...


Stani said...

I hope you use SPE from svn:

If there any critical issues please report them as I will release the new version soon.


Raymond said...
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