Friday, October 3, 2008

Like a stone, Audioslave

This morning, I ran a random list in amarok, and this song was played. I purchased this song from Rhapsody several years ago. Once again, I felt touched when listening to this. Another song that I like is Cochise.
Not his song, but he is very special to my life. I loved rock music when I was young. I loved to play guitar. When I was early 20's, Korea was not ready for Rock. There were people who love rock music, but popularity came from dance music mostly. Also, the media didn't carry much of rocks. So, I was thirsty about rock culture. Only way to access was spending money on CD.
The fall of 1994, I came to US. Luckily, I happened to have a chance to watch M-TV. And I enjoyed ROCK music all night long. For the first time in my life in the first night in the US. I remember there were "interstate lovesong" from 'Stone Temple Pilots', something from 'REM', "When I come around" from 'Green day'. But most amazing songs were from Sound Garden. "Spoon man", "Fell on black days", and "Black hole Sun". I think I watched "Fell on black days" on that night and amazed. The vocalist of Sound Garden is the one in Audioslave...

Just a memory, 14 years ago...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

KDE4.1 on Fedora Core 9

It is pretty busy days. I can't find time for a technical post. But, I want to mention that I am happy with new KDE 4.1 update with FC9.
I generally don't follow updating my work desktop. Recently, I did it and required rebooting for kernel 2.6.23 update. After logging in, I found KDE is updated to 4.1. It had enhanced look, and I updated my nvidia card from livna, and OpenGL based theme worked. It looks much cooler.