Sunday, October 28, 2007


I found myself writing a lot of documentation from my work. Usually, I write a documentation only on source code. This helps me tracking what I did. I have a request to publish this in clear form to read, not in source code comment level. So, I revise my projects and move documents into HTML form. I remind the first time I came to work here.
Our department did NOT have CMS. No central documentation system. The defense word was, 'we are small.' I didn't bother to start one like tikiwiki. I actually enjoyed not documenting my work :) We have issue tracking system, but it is not used for programming issue. We purchased it long time ago, and I feel very sorry that we are stuck to this.
Back to documenting story, my best option to publish my work was HTML. When I listed number of my projects, gosh it went up to 20. It is still growing. Sure, I worked a lot. :)
I am moving on. I don't know what will be my next job, but excited to relocating to my new place in Atlanta, GA !!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Suffering by cold

It's been a while that I didn't post any. Something big occurs these days, but not complete yet. When that happens, I will post.
One of major thing happened that I can reveal is "COLD". My big son suffered by this for 2 weeks. It got to worse to 'pneumonia'. Only thing I could do was just watch him fighting through it. After his recover, my little one suffered by the similar symptom. It had not worsened to pneumonia. However, it must have been very painful for 4 month old baby.
My wife was the next. She can not finish a sentence without intervened by cough. And once she starts to cough, it sounds very bad. She lost her voice significantly. She is recovering at this stage. I guess she need a week or two for complete recovery.
Now, I picked up a cold last weekend. Last saturday, it started with small escalated temperature. And, it is getting worse and worse. I don't cough, but headache is the most annoying. It is very bad for a programmer :(
Worse part is, I have no sick leave left. A hahaha. It was very nice to have a month of paternity leave when Jaron was born. :) I don't regret. Since I am a healthy young man, I think I can fight through this disease without any sick leave. Luckily, I don't cough. So, people don't feel get spread by me.
When Jake was sick, he had 103 F temperature. That must be very hard for him. I feel so much sorry about him, and I appreciate him to finish his sickness.