Monday, November 26, 2007

/proc/[pid]/smaps and Perl Linux::Smaps

Recently, I came across a topic about 'Memory usage'. In a doc of KDE memusage issue and a post from here, measuring memory usage is tricky especially when the process is involved with shmem and shared libraries. At the end of the doc, a reply is posted that 'from linux-2.6.14, smaps is supported.'
Okay... 2.6.14 was published in 2005. Catching up Kernel update should not be neglected like this. :) I definitely have been LAZY.
Anyway, smaps is very useful to see actual memory mapping with content of a process. Analyzing it seems awkward. So, I searched any useful tool at least making total of RSS. It seems like Perl people came up with something. ( I respect Perl hackers. ) Search for Linux::Smaps in CPAN.. Sounds very cool utility.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Result of new install

As mentioned, I recently wiped out my laptop and newly installed gentoo. ATI with AIGLX still has problem with Xcomposite (xorg). I thought 'well.. I will just wait and try 8.43 driver a few months later.' Right. I am no longer young and enthusiastic, but wait until someone fixes the problem.

Another issue is my Korean language pack. skim does not work with QT4, but Gentoo ships qt4 by default. I love newer version, always. But, going back to nabi for this was face-frowning situation. It's getting close to 10 years livinig in the US, I am using Korean less and less. I meet Korean people, but in the work, I use English mostly. More importantly, when I use computer, I tend to search more English websites than Korean websites. So, no Korean language until it is fixed with qt4. Again, I am getting old :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

ATI and AIGLX support

1. Recently, ATI announced that fglrx-8.42 will support AIGLX.
2. Gentoo recently put compiz-fusion in their main repository

Although some people had problem with AMD64 platform, I decided to try it out. Nothing wrong with Ubuntu Gutsy with Xgl, I always feel slightly uncomfortable on non-gentoo linux. SO!! I wipe out and reinstall gentoo on my laptop. Currently, emerge -uDN world is running before X11 install. Once X11 is installed, I will download recent fireGL driver.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Emacs and Info page.

It's 1:43am. If usual day-light-saving was applied, it is 2:43am. I woke up in the middle of the night without any reason, and couldn't go back to sleep. I thought about, 'This is a perfect chance to catch up my researches deferred for many months!'

But, I couldn't start any of project. I was not just for programming at this moment. Instead, I decided to catch up some emacs stuff. Emacs became my favorite editor for 6 months. My previous post revealed that I was a vim user. I used it for 8 years, and I switched to Emacs. When I started to use Emacs this year, I thought 'Why do people cry about emacs so much?' As vim was not intuitive, Emacs was not either. Advanced stuff in Vim requires extensive knowledge, Emacs needs it, too. First, it started with curiosity, after 6 months later I realize why Emacs is so much a great editor.

Info must be one which makes emacs great editor. In my opinion, info page in Emacs is one of the greatest documentation tool. It had some of topics I already read from the web, or other sources. If someone starts to use linux, I will recommend to learn how to use Info page. Because, documentation accessibility is great. It is like a good book shelf for many topics. It is very well organized. I would like to have chances to visit as many pages as possible.

Luckily, I still remember core of vim. I found myself editing files using vim when I sshed to servers. I could bring Emacs over X forward, but these servers were mostly configured by vim. I guess it's momentum. I would not give up Vim, because it is also a great tool, but I would not spend time to research about vim anymore.