Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Result of new install

As mentioned, I recently wiped out my laptop and newly installed gentoo. ATI with AIGLX still has problem with Xcomposite (xorg). I thought 'well.. I will just wait and try 8.43 driver a few months later.' Right. I am no longer young and enthusiastic, but wait until someone fixes the problem.

Another issue is my Korean language pack. skim does not work with QT4, but Gentoo ships qt4 by default. I love newer version, always. But, going back to nabi for this was face-frowning situation. It's getting close to 10 years livinig in the US, I am using Korean less and less. I meet Korean people, but in the work, I use English mostly. More importantly, when I use computer, I tend to search more English websites than Korean websites. So, no Korean language until it is fixed with qt4. Again, I am getting old :)

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