Monday, November 26, 2007

/proc/[pid]/smaps and Perl Linux::Smaps

Recently, I came across a topic about 'Memory usage'. In a doc of KDE memusage issue and a post from here, measuring memory usage is tricky especially when the process is involved with shmem and shared libraries. At the end of the doc, a reply is posted that 'from linux-2.6.14, smaps is supported.'
Okay... 2.6.14 was published in 2005. Catching up Kernel update should not be neglected like this. :) I definitely have been LAZY.
Anyway, smaps is very useful to see actual memory mapping with content of a process. Analyzing it seems awkward. So, I searched any useful tool at least making total of RSS. It seems like Perl people came up with something. ( I respect Perl hackers. ) Search for Linux::Smaps in CPAN.. Sounds very cool utility.

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