Monday, March 26, 2007

So far, So good with Xemacs

This time, I am using Xemacs for longer than the last time I tried. Especially, after exchanging Caps_Lock with Control_L. My last finger was relieved so much thanks to this. I would like to say that the machine is not properly configured for emacs if Caps_Lock insists to be 'Caps Lock' key.

For windows XP, Microsoft released a utility called 'Ctrl2Cap' for this purpose. I ran into somebody explaining regedit to do this. It was not only ugly, but also NT based. So, another googling brought me to microsoft website, which was the exactly what I was looking for.
Ctrl2cap must be installed from command line prompt. And it required reboot which xmodmap on Linux didn't require. Hey, what do I expect on Windows? I have decided not to compare Windows and Linux long time ago... If it wants to be rebooted, reboot the box.

One problem for this. I was using Windows XP from rdesktop connection. Windows by default does not allow to display 'shutdown' menu from rdesktop session. I just guessed if Windows have 'shutdown' command from the prompt. YEP, there it was. Rebooting windows from command prompt is reasonable command and it was there. I issued 'shutdown -r -f' and it rebooted without any pain. Xemacs on both of my systems.

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