Friday, March 9, 2007

Beryl from svn

I decided to check out beryl from svn and compile on my own. Before I went there, I researched a little bit and found many people suffered from compiling beryl with many issues. I said 'lets see how tough it is' and changed myself in fighting-with-compile mode.

Unfortunately, big fight did not happen. I had about three issues, but that was it. I am sure if it was Gentoo, this issues must not be the big problem.

1. AM_PATH_PYTHON issue.
It was specifically ubuntu issue. Ubuntu ships automake 1.4 by default. But AM_PATH_PYTHON macro was added later than this. So, it was a simply old package problem. Well, aptitude remove and installing newer package was quite easy.

2. GL/glxtokens.h was not found.
Beryl svn check-out obviously had this file under beryl-mesa directory. But actual make line didn't have -I entry for this directory. I wondered if it was a bug, or there was a missing piece to expose this directory for the compilation session. Well, either didn't matter to me. My laziness just symlinked GL directory under /usr/local/include and life goes on...

3. Several missing library issues.
It was a matter of time to resolve these issues. Mostly I needed to fill the gap, modify makeall script to bypass packages which were successfully built, and then rerun makeall. Missing libraries actually were basically required '-dev' packages to be installed. I missed gentoo so much while fixing these problems.

Basically this was it. And I could run beryl with Wall plugin. I have found beryl added more features including bypass opacity which freed me 'XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS' for rdesktop.

Well, now the next question is, why did I do that? When I develop my current project, my PC is soaring for resources and I turn down beryl for that. I just compiled the package I don't use often? It looks like, but this tells how much I like beryl.

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