Monday, March 19, 2007


I ran into this project when I was googling about making Xemacs IDE environment.

Eclipse is a heavy-weight, but very feature rich framework for developers. Eclipse provides very nice view for Java developers. However, they provide C/C++ (CDT), Python (PyDev), and basically all plugins for all languages. I am sure that I can find some plugin which somebody made for some reasonable reason.

Mylar is an eclipse plugin and it gives a different perspective when watching a source code in BIG project. I lost demo presentation clip link, but it can be found very easily at mylar home. I installed eclipse 3.2 and tested Mylar quickly. Hyper link from a source code is a nice feature but, it was not available in 3.2. They said it is available in 3.3. I stopped research at this point, because I have many jobs to finish. But, definitely, this is worth learning.

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