Wednesday, July 11, 2007

gentoo: ndiswrapper can't find CONFIG_NET_RADIO

I was very interested in tickless kernel for longer battery life on laptop. So, when I saw kernel-2.6.22 on portage, I began to emerge. Although it was 3:00 in the morning, I couldn't go to sleep without finishing the job.

My gentoo system is very slow machine. 5 year-old Intel Celeron (256KB cache) with 256MB ram. Taking so long time for kernel compilation was bothersome especially in sleepy brain. Well, finally finished, (GOSH! forgot to check how long it took. Kernel compile does not leave a log in /var/log/emerge.log )

By reboot, I found two things broken. My sound and ndiswrapper. ndiswrapper 1.44 ebuild was complaining CONFIG_NET_RADIO. At first, I thought, 'I forgot to visit networking section.' :) But, before menuconfig, grep 'NET_RADIO' .config on /usr/src/linux surprised me. Nothing!!
Okay, if an application is complaining an non-existing CONFIG option in kernel, most likely this must be gone. I found this entry from googling:

I turned on new config, CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT, and spent compiling kernel in sleepy brain once again, rebooting, touching /etc/portage/package.mask and package.keywords for ndiswrapper, and emerging... And it was solved. modprobe successfully loaded ndiswrapper.

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