Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bye, Xemacs 21. Move to Emacs 23

I was a vim user for long time. And I moved to emacs world about 4 months ago.
I am getting used to it more and more. I especially liked lisp syntax to configure the environment. Currently, I am working on writing emacs plugin to look up english dictionary. I need urllib or socket with some nice parser. Anyway, getting into it and enjoying emacs.
One thing I couldn't bare on Xemacs was that it was not friendly with Korean Language system in KDE, I believe it starts from X layer. Before I fight with UTF-8 on Xemacs, I looked up and found Emacs 23 supports UTF-8 with Korean enabled out of the box!
I tried it out, and loved it. I migrated custom.el from .xemacs to .emacs file.
It is very radical move because Emacs 22 is still not in stable tree.
But, I got what I wanted and life goes on.


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Raymond said...

Ha, I got the first spam visitor!