Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gentoo: tip for KDE

Yesterday, I mentioned that I am thinking of gentoo for my office machine and will be planned for later. Wrong! I did it yesterday a while after I posted the article. I admit that I was nervous a little bit because the machine contains many bits and pieces for work. If any of them failed to be migrated, it will cost me extra recovery time.
Then, I thought, "Why not?". It does not cost me loss of data. It only costs me extra work for recovery. As long as, I can bring data back, that's fine.

Things went okay. I backed up most or all of necessary data, and restored them back including pg dbs. My tool for window manager is still KDE. It took me just about a day to bring up. Full blown kde-meta compilation will take longer than that. And, slow.
To make KDE responsive and fast, I do this.

# emerge kdebase-startkde ( for basic kde)
# emerge konsole ( I always need terminal with enhanced control )
# emerge kicker kmenuedit

You can think of KDE with only these three for XFCE, stripped down version of Gnome. Then, build in anything that will be needed. For example, my favorite amarok.

# emerge amarok.


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