Thursday, April 26, 2007

One thing at a time...

I am not saying that things should be accomplished in steps. I am talking about myself.

My mindset is one thing at a time. Once a subject takes over my mind, that thing has it all. When I learned and worked computer programmings before my son was born, I used to hadve topics of programmings in all of my mind. I thought about coding when driving, walking, and sitting on my desk. This was very productive way so that I was always ready to jump in.

Not any more. My son has my mind all. I need a warm-up period for my brain to get up to speed when coding. Evaluation of 'Okay, what is the situation that I am in? ' takes longer than I used to evaluate. Worse thing is that I forget all of my work as soon as I see the pictures of my son on my desk.
Back in my young life, I was indulged in playing guitar. After my high school, I practiced my guitar like professional. At least 10 hours a day, and 12 hours straight playing was easy. I remember that sometimes I couldn't speak. I lost my verbal ability temporarily because of music. One thing at a time went very extreme.

My wife mentioned that she felt that she lost a bit of her short term memorization after having our first son, Jake. Biologically, that was a proper side effect of pregnancy. But, me??? I was not the person carrying a baby and suffering for 10 months. But, why am I losing my memory? And ability to concentration?

To tell the truth and conclusion, this is good. I have never been happier than these days. Especially, we will have our second son in 6 weeks. I always thought I have been a lucky man with my basic needs were always met. But, these days are the happiest moment.
Losing my productivity is my side effect, but that's okay as long as I meet the expectation for my performance review. Eventually, I will get my productivity back. Enjoying with my family is more fun at this moment, and that's what my mind said, 'One at a time.'

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