Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My tool set

1. springnote.com and basKet:

These are my note takers. I normally use springnote.com because of accessibility. 'Hey, it is another Korean website.' Sorry :)

2. Google tool set:

I do not have to explain what are google tool set. Google always brings one of the essential tools for life. Beginning with gmail, there are calendar, map, earth, doc, personalized google portlets, blog(Of course!), analytics, talk, and most infamous Google SEARCH! I can not live without google.

3. flickr, kflickr, flickrapi(by Beej)

This is one that google couldn't rule. I tried to use picasa from google, flickr really ruled. My pictures and my family's pictures are posted there.

4. kdissert, vym for brain storming.

There is a project called 'freemind'. I used to use it but after I migrated to KDE from gnome, I used kdissert instead. vym helps kdissert. 'freemind' is not a bad tool, but I like simplicity to use in kdissert.

5. bloglines for news read

I use this not only for news reader, but also for good article keeper with 'important' tag. That is very useful.

6. KDE desktop with Gentoo, Ubuntu

When using linux, I chose KDE for my desktop. I started with bare gnome about 7-8 years ago when I first used Linux ( At that time, I just started computer science degree ). Then I moved to blackbox, later it became fluxbox. Then, I moved back to gnome after CPU hits GHz and 512 Mb became general PC memory size. And then, I settled in KDE. KDE is just very easy and well-balanced desktop environment.

7. keychain for ssh-agent

Because of my work, I have to jump from machines to machines. Without this, typing up my password everytime should not be imagined!!

8. Other utilities for fun

Such as amaroK, mplayer, etc.

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nareshov said...


Springnote was a discovery by accident.
It looks really interesting and deserves to get popular.

Have you used Google Reader? Do you find Bloglines better than Reader?