Monday, October 28, 2013


So, my favorite instrument is the guitar.  Practically, I only can play the guitar.  Many great musicians inspires me, but due to my limited time, when I get a chance to play it, I have to concentrate for just one thing.

Anyway, my favorite guitarist is "Jason Becker."  He is the god and the most fluent guitarist.  At the same time, he had many brilliant ideas.  Considering all of his work, which ended at his age of 29, he didn't have his best time, unfortunately.

Then, my favorite "active" guitarist is "Guthrie Govan".  He is very special, to tell the truth.  Most of guitarists have own color, specializing handful of genre, Guthrie doesn't have specialty.  He is really all-rounder.  Rock, Blues, Jazz (Classic, Beebop, fusion, plus some brilliant covers with different colors), and Country.  Picking, finger style, slap, tapping, arpegio, ...  He also plays very good acoustic.  His theory is very strong.

I recommend his videos in youtube.  None have disappointed me, so far.

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