Thursday, June 7, 2007

my new family.

On May 26th, 2007, my second son, Jaron, was born. Having paternity leave now. Yeah~~~. It was the same hospital, the same level, but the room was the other side of hall as we were there two years ago. Funny thing is that not my wife but I am having emotional fluctuation mostly toward happy side with a little bit of tears ( Shame on ME, a man with tear! )
Anyway, his first image brought a deja-vu. He looks exactly the same with my first one, Jake. When getting a chance, I want to show pictures of my sons side by side. My wife and I took a picture on purpose when we put Jaron in the baby basket for the first time. We successfully took the same angle, the same pause, but in different clothes two years ago as we took Jake. If somebody sees these pictures side by side, 'Hmmmm,... Why did you change baby's clothes on discharge from the hospital? Were you guys bored enough?'

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