Thursday, August 2, 2012

Passing by a bird

On the way to work this morning, I was driving my truck on 400 south at 60 mph.  I saw a bird from a distance.  He was flying -- entering low to cross the road from the right.  This bird, interestingly, tried to turn the direction, right in front of my lane.  While approaching to him(or her?), I recognized that it was an eagle by his slow but strong wing flap.  Since he just began to take off, he couldn’t fly high enough to clear height of my truck.  Initially, I wasn’t bothered slowing down because birds are quick to fly away.  But, the eagle seemed to stay still in front of me trying to turn around.  I put on a break a little bit and paid big attention to the distance to him.  After my second slow down for the elevated alerting level, the eagle finally finished turning.
When we were close, the
eagle made a big wing-flap.  I saw him very close through the top right corner of my front windshield.  He missed me.  Although, it was an alerting situation, his final wing flap (flying away) looked beautiful.  He made total of 4 or 5 strong flaps during this incident, but 60 mph was a fast speed for natural creatures.  I felt so relieved that I didn’t harm this beautiful bird.

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