Monday, July 20, 2009

Emacs, - for navigating buffers

One of emacs pain is 'too many key-strokes for a certain thing'. This xkcd partly shows this problem. But, true. Laughing at 'C-x r j "register"' is legitimate, especially from vim users. Vim way of 'doing a certain thing' is wicked fast. The key stroke that I describe is Emacs way of switching to a buffer. (OMG, 4 key strokes for just switching buffer??). Vim way is ':e "filename"' or ":bp", simpler than emacs way.

So, borrowing CTRL-TAB idea from windows, I installed buffer-stack.el, and bound keys for CTRL-TAB and CTRL-SHIFT-TAB. Easier to navigate. Hurray~

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