Friday, December 5, 2008

Tools for these days

I adapted two major changes in my tool set.

1. fish instead of zsh/bash
Most linux ships bash. I have used bash mostly. zsh was okay. But after I found fish, settled in fish. It is different but not difficult to migrate from bash. Nice color coding with good completion like zsh. Its script syntax resembles to tcl. I don't like tcl, but I could handle fish okay. Another unusual, but eventually more useful thing is the lack of history expansion. !! or !$ in bash does not exist in fish. Instead of them, fish simplifies all history recall with Up/Down and Alt-Up/Alt-Down. Action oriented :)
fish is very useful in many aspects. One useful thing is its history keeps not only history of the commands, but also keeps the timestamp when it ran.

2. screen instead of multiple xterm
Spreading xterms all around desktop looked sloppy. So, I tried to pack them into one screen session. At first, the environment was not familiar, but later I got used to it and navigated fine. So, mostly my dual screen is one emacs session plus one konsole with screen. These look more elegant than patching desktop with many xterms.

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