Friday, June 13, 2008

KDE4: Gentoo, Kubuntu, and Fedora Core 9

I am okay with KDE4. There are still some quarks in KDE4, but generally I like how it is now. I can't explain detail of KDE4 in each distribution. In short, I dropped Kubuntu for KDE4. I agree that Ubuntu linux is doing a great work, but with KDE4, they need to catch up.

With Gentoo, things are smooth. Sure!! I pay huge compile time for this. In my work place, things are moving in fast phase. So, having gentoo isn't quite suitable. I chose Kubuntu when I had a chance to refresh my work desktop. Kubuntu KDE4 was pretty disappointing. One of most annoying example is that I couldn't move widgets in panel. Right click did not even offer "Move" option which I remembered it was there on Gentoo. So, I had to find another time to refresh my desktop. My desktop didn't find time to kick out Kubuntu, yet. I could flush and rebuild my laptop during the last weekend with Fedora Core 9. Still some issues, but much better than Kubuntu.

When I get a chance, I will compare rpm vs. deb. In short, deb is more convinent, but rpm is more flexible. dpkg(deb package) mainly uses package based dependancy and extends out to file based integrity check if it needs to. RPM, on the other hand, takes file based, but yum wraps these into package level and group level ( collection of packages ).

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