Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I am alive... Just too busy for blogging. No active project is going on. Well, it's been a long time I activated my own project. Recently, I draw some basic shapes for my son like triangles, squares, circles, and put them on OpenGL using python-opengl. Some pyramids, boxes, spheres, etc. Thanks to my son, I refreshed some opengl stuff that I haven't touched since undergrad.
Then, he wanted a car on screen. Okay, I thought it was easy. Just find a free 3D model and import in my python script. Wrong! It depends how the model is represented. If it is written in 3D-Max, it needs some other script to convert for opengl to understand. What if my son wants something like 'Mickey Mouse'? He will recognize fake Mickey. He will want REAL Mickey which is really expensive.
I better learn some drawing skill :)

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