Wednesday, March 5, 2008

FreeBSD 7.0

After one line qsort() craziness, I still didn't get back to sleep. I read about FreeBSD 7.0. FreeBSD has been proud of making better codes in the kernel than Linux evolves. They heavily used asynchronous IO before Linux introduced asynch layer. epoll() in Linux still needs more work. This time, FreeBSD proved their superiority once again. Linearly scalable SMP. According to their history, it took seven years to complete the solution. They staged into sub-solution for each releases (5.x, 6.x), and the war was over at 7.0. When I looked at the graph, it was definitely attractive.
They added more stable wireless support. But, my stupid BCM943xx card is not supported. Due to lack of my wireless support, I lost interest about FBSD 7. I am not good at BSD system, anyway. But, I swear that I wouldn't buy Dell laptop anymore. If I am buying a Dell once again ( I doubt this may happen ), the wireless should be Intel. PERIOD!

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