Saturday, August 4, 2007

KDE struggles on my new hardware

I am so depressed. I hope I know KDE framework better to fight through my favorite KDE applications. I sent a bug-report about amarok and konqueror, but I know I just gave them a burden without much of useful information. I couldn't attach any useful clue.

When I brought up amarok for the first, it gave me a pop up of 'want to install MP3 plugin?'. At that time, my wireless was struggling. So, 'not now' was my answer. After that, amarok wouldn't respond at all. I thought it remembers my network carrier as a wireless. So, I dropped ndiswrapper and plug in for eth1 (wired network). Not working still.. I am using audacious instead.

Konqueror is better than this situation. But, I can not bring many features as I expect. It is a big cost for very young and new hardwares.
To make all this worse, my right hand wrist is picking up a soaring pain. I am still young to have a joint problem :(

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